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Met deze dak inspectie drone hoef je niet het dak op.

M/S Estonia, now 19 years ( exclusive video ! ) - YouTube

Inside the Estonia, the public spaces had the look of a coastal casino designed around a nautical theme—completely serviceable but over-decorated in red, a bit worn, a bit out of date. Though
Images of M/S Estonia Inside
M/S Estonia accident radio transcript EliRivers on Sept 28, 2014. William Langwiesche wrote a really good article on the view of passengers from inside the sinking vessel. Its well worth a read. thousands of tons of pebbles were dropped on the site.[28] The Estonia Agreement 1995, a treaty among Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland
The MS Estonia Ship Disaster - Marine Insight m/s estonia inside
M/S Estonia disappeared from the Utö Fort Radar at 01.48. The plots have not been analyzed by JAIC or other parties. Without any fact JAIC concluded the last voyage on a number of assumptions, such as departure time, route and speed.
M/S Mariella - Cabins - On Board | Viking Line m/s estonia inside
2) inside the chart room without further details. 3) in the starboard wing below the broken loose flagbox. The above is revealed from the voice communication between two divers and the supervisors on board the SEMI 1 according to video tapes B40c and B40d which are available and from the Finnish report of the JAIC, page 131.
chapter 27 the diving investigation - Estonia Ferry Disaster
Inside Comfort (BD2) A nice Comfort class inside cabin for 2 persons on decks 5 and 6. The cabin has a 140-cm double bed with extra thick mattresses to guarantee a great night’s sleep. No extra bed option. The cabin is equipped with phone, TV, radio and a hair dryer. Floor area 8.3 m².
A Sea Story - The Atlantic
On 28 Sept. 1994 the ferry, MS Estonia, sank in the Baltic sea during a storm. The sinking was established to have resulted from an enormous door that opened to allow cars onto the ship, known as the "bow visor" which failed in the storm, shearing off and taking along with it enough of the subsequent final inner-safety door, ultimately allowing water to enter the car-deck and capsize the boat.
Remember RMS Titanic - A survivors story from MS Estonia
Inside Double Three. Cosy inside cabin for 1–3 people. The cabin has a double bed with a thicker mattress, which provides extra comfort when sleeping, and one bunk bed for a child aged 0–11 years. There is a TV, internal phone, air conditioning, toilet and shower (towels and shower gel/shampoo included). – Deck: 7 – Size: 9.7 m²
MS Estonia | The Ferry Wiki | Fandom
Mysterious flights with unidentified passengers from Stockholm days after M/S Estonia disaster The day after the sinking, 9 crew members were removed from the lists of 146 reported survivors as a Gulfstream 4 (Reg. N971L), and a Boeing 727-200 (Reg. VR-CLM), left Stockholms Arlanda airport carrying 4 and 5 unregistered passengers each.
Estonia, the Digital Republic | The New Yorker m/s estonia inside
MS Silja Symphony is a cruiseferry owned by the Estonian shipping company Tallink Group, operated under their Silja Line brand on a route connecting Helsinki, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden via Mariehamn.She was built in 1991 at Masa-Yards Turku New Shipyard, Finland
M/V Estonia - the last voyage
A survivors story from MS Estonia. On a cold night in september 1994 the "MS Estonia" a 20.300 ton passenger vessel left the port of Tallinn enroute for Stockholm. It was a stormy night. On board were 1.054 passengers and crew. Around 12 AM, many passengers heard terrible noises from the cargo deck.

Vliegen met een dakinspectie drone is eenvoudig. Iedereen kan het in een paar uur leren.

Je upload de scan via 4G en hebt meteen resultaat.

De scan wordt meteen omgezet naar de door jou gebruikte applicaties.

Onze drone is robuust en kan tegen een stootje

Onze dakinspectiedrones drones

DJI phantom 4 uitgerust met 3d scan apparatuur

DJI Phantom 4 pro

Solid x4 modulaire 3d scan drone

Solid X4

DJI m600 3D scan drone boven 4 kilo

DJI M600

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